Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday, May 18, 1934

This evening Daddy and Mother and I took Mrs. Richards and Tiny and Louie to Swope Park. Went by Kate's on the way home.

May 18, 1934 - Academy Award first called Oscar in print by columnist Sidney Skolsky

There are several stories about how "Oscar" got its name.

One story gives credit to the Academy’s executive secretary, Margaret Herrick. The story goes that in
1931, she reportedly saw the statuette, studied it carefully and exclaimed, “Why he looks like my
Uncle Oscar.”

 Another is that two-time winner Bette Davis, who was married to Harmon Oscar Nelson, Jr.
nicknamed it for her husband.

Yet another says award-winning actor John Barrymore coined the name.

Regardless, most people give Sidney Skolsky credit for putting "Oscar" in print.

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