Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 1934

Mother and I went to Sunday school and church. Ollie was over. Pauline, Ruth Ray, Nadine and I went to Central Show. Saw "Finishing School" and "House of Rothschild."

Finishing School (1934) Movie
Finishing School
Starring Frances Dee, Ginger Rogers, Bruce Cabot, Billie Burke, John Halliday
Director: George Nicholls Jr., Wanda Tuchock
Running Time: 70 minutes

Plot Summary:

The scandalous doings behind the high-toned exterior of a private school for rich young women provides the framework for this drama. Much of the story centers on an unhappy socialite and her smart-alecky, world-wise roomy who has no morals at all when it comes to getting what she wants. This of course, puts her at odds with the school's overly class-conscious administration, who live in mortal fear of scandal. As a result, the staff is encouraged to remain cool and aloof, something that causes the lonely socialite, who longs for her parents love, to become deeply depressed. Unfortunately, her father doesn't seem to care and her mother is too busy climbing the social ladder to notice. The socialite becomes increasingly despondent and thinks of suicide. Still she is not immune to the girlish pranks and gaiety of her peers. Her life also improves when she falls in love with the handsome med student who works at the school as a waiter. Unfortunately, things get bad again when he accidentally impregnates her. Fortunately, it all works out for her in the end

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