Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday, December 8, 1933

Rode to school with Nadine. Mother made my brown dress and I wore it to school today. Stayed at Mrs. Raifert's.

Nelson-Atkins Building
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Kansas City, Missouri

When the massive Beaux Art Nelson-Atkins’ Building opened in 1933, newspapers nationwide
reported visitors “amazed,” “gasping at its innovations and marveling at its luxury.”  A great
central hall over 40 feet tall with ceiling skylights formed the heart of the interior and was flanked
 on either side by two-story gallery wings. The east wing bore the name of the Atkins Museum
 of Fine Arts, and the remainder of the building was officially titled the William Rockhill Nelson
 Gallery of Art.

Still, times being the Great Depression, operations were modest: only three telephones serviced
 the entire building; lights in the galleries were turned off when people left a room; at opening and
closing times, a huge bell was rung manually.

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