Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monday, February 12, 1934

Went to school with Pauline. Tried dancing today in Gym. Worked on History scrapbook for school.

Bundesarchiv Bild 102-00805, Wien, Februarkämpfe, Bundesheer 2.jpg
Soldiers of the Austrian Federal Army in Vienna, February 12, 1934

The Austrian Civil War (German: Österreichischer Bürgerkrieg), also known as the February
 Uprising (German: Februarkämpfe), is a term sometimes used for a few days of skirmishes between
 socialist and conservative-fascist forces between 12 February and 16 February 1934, in Austria. The
clashes started in Linz and took place principally in the cities of Vienna, Graz, Bruck an der Mur,
Judenburg, Wiener Neustadt and Steyr, but also in some other industrial cities of eastern and central

Several hundred people (including paramilitaries, members of the security forces and civilians) died
 in the armed conflict. More than a thousand suffered wounds. The authorities tried and executed
nine socialist leaders under the provisions of martial law. In addition, over 1,500 arrests were
 made, and leading socialist politicians were forced into exile.

The incidents of February 1934 were taken as a pretext by the government to prohibit the
Social Democratic Party and its affiliated trade unions altogether - an action the socialists
termed Austrofacism. The government replaced the constitution and The Patriotic Front
(Vaterländische Front) became the only legal political party in the resulting authoritarian
regime, the Standestaat.

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