Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday, February 4, 1934

Went to church and Sunday School. Aunt Kate's were by Pauline and I went to show. Saw "Broadway Thru a Keyhole." Ollie Gatlin came over.

Broadway Thru A Keyhole (1933) DVD
"Broadway Thru A Keyhole"
Stars: Constance Cummings, Russ Columbo
Co-stars: Paul Kelly, Eddie Foy Jr.
Director: Lowell Sherman
90 minutes, Black and White

Plot Summary:

Poultry racketeer Kelly falls for chorus girl Cummings and buys her a night club. In that club,
bandleader Columbo's smooth and soft voice rings out. The lawbreaker loves Cummings but is
willing to give her up at the cost of his life to the crooner, whose love for her is even stronger. Kelly
 takes a bullet while trying to save Cummings from kidnapers on her wedding day. Lying in the hospital,
 he hears Walter Winchell hail him as a hero on the radio and learns that the rival who tried to kidnap
his sweetheart is wiped out. 

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