Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday, August 6, 1934

We washed today. Sure was hot. Had a big wash. Pauline and I went back to the Medicine Show.

and abroad as one of the
Cimarroncita Ranch Camp - New Mexico

Cimarroncita was built in 1908 to accommodate New Mexico tourists who took a scenic railroad train – the St. Louis, Rocky Mountain and Pacific Railway Excursion Line – to this beautiful corner of the Roadrunner State. A Texan, Minnette Thompson, bought the hotel in 1930 and established the Cimarroncita Ranch Camp for Girls. A camp for boys soon followed.

Minnette and her family ran the camps until 1995. Her relative and namesake Minnette Burges and husband Alan Huerta renovated the camp and reopened as Cimarroncita Ranch in 2005.

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