Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 1934

Straightened up the house. Pauline and the girls came down. Aunt Katie's came over here.

The Shadow Pulp August 1, 1934 Gray Fist | eBay
The Shadow - August 1, 1934 edition

Featuring Gray Fist by Maxwell Grant


"I have just freed myself from the power of a fiend; whispered Worth Varden. "A fiend who would stop at nothing. A supercriminal whose schemes are but in the making...."

Hours later, Varden was dead. And with him went all he knew about the worldwide dope-dealing and blackmail empire of the all-powerful crime baron known only as...Gray Fist.

Gray Fist--so treacherous that he found no act too vile, no lie too base to inflate his ill-gotten wealth. Gray Fist--so secretive that even his closest henchmen could not guess his secret identity. Gray Fist--so diabolically cunning that his climb to power seemed unstoppable.

Was there anywhere a crime fighter so agile of brain and hand that he could match wits with this infamous lord of the underworld? There was--lurking in the darkness, laughing a soft eerie laugh, stealing into the innermost sanctuaries of the forces of evil, facing single-handed the guns of mobsters by the dozen... The Shadow!

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