Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 1934

Went over to Laten's. He drove us up home (Clay Center, Kansas). Got polish and went to Mart's then to Emmett and Melvin's. Stayed all night at Henry's.

August 29, 1934. 08-27-1934 - Jimmy Durante
Jimmy Durante's Stage Antics - August 29, 1934

Jimmy Durante says things have reached a pretty spot for him, as he can’t enter a night club without having the master of ceremonies ask him to sing. While he is an obliging person at heart, there comes a time when the best of clowns likes to sit quietly and enjoy seeing the other fellow work.

So now Jimmy has a new stunt. Whenever he’s called on to give a number, he obliges with the roughest song he knows; tears the music, smashes at the piano, wrecks music stands and does all the incidental damage possible.

The audience loves it. But the management? That’s another story.

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