Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday, August 6, 1933

I went over and played with Betty this morning. I think we are going up home (Clay Center, KS) pretty soon. I went up to the playground.
Colt-made Thompson Submachine gun - 1921 model

In 1933 the Kansas City Missouri Police Department had three Thompson Submachine
 guns in their possession. All three guns were purchased by the Department in 1932. It is
unknown if these guns were ever registered per requirements of the National Firearms Act
 of 1934. It is believed these are the only Thompsons the department ever owned.

During patrol duty, the Thompsons were normally kept in the Department's two radio
cars. Approximately two weeks before the transfer of Frank Nash through Union Station
 in Kansas City, Missouri, (see June 17 entry) all three Thompsons were mysteriously
missing from the radio cars and remained unaccountable. Then about two weeks after
 the massacre at Union Station, the Thompsons once again magically reappeared
in the possession of the Kansas City Police Department!

It is reported that the guns have since been kept in the Department's gun vault.

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