Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thursday, August 31, 1933

We all (Daddy, Mother and I) and Rita Mae went up to Aunt Nellie's for dinner and supper. Went over to Marie's. Gladys stayed all night.

Carole Lombard (October 6, 1908 - January 16, 1942)
Born Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Spouses: William Powell (divorced); Clark Gable (widowed)

Queen of the 1930s screwball comedies

After her parents divorced, Lombard's mother took her three children
to Los Angeles. Lombard appeared in her first film at the age of 12,
when director Allen Dwan saw her playing baseball in the street and cast
her as a tomboy in A Perfect Crime. Lombard went on to appear in 60 movies
(including movies with both her husbands) and numerous shorts before her
death in a plane crash following a war bond rally in her home state of Indiana.

The Liberty ship SS Carole Lombard was named in her honor.
It launched on January 15, 1944 with a still-grieving Gable in attendance.

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