Monday, August 1, 2011

Tuesday, August 1, 1933

I went out and played today with Pauline. Mother washed. It rained. Daddy made me a swing but it done broke and he had to fix it.

Dickie Dare - August 1, 1933
Copyright (c) Milton Caniff

In the fall of 1932, Caniff went to New York City to work at Associated Press
 as staff artist. He was soon asked to take over the panel cartoon Mister
Gilfeather from another young artist, Al Capp, when Capp went to work
 as Ham Fisher's assistant on Joe Palooka. Caniff transformed the feature into
The Gay Thirties, a folksy reflection of daily life.

In late July 1933, Caniff created a new comic strip, Dickie Dare,
 which was based on the dream adventures of a little boy.

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