Friday, November 25, 2011

Saturday, November 25, 1933

Ate breakfast at Mrs. Raifert's. Walked over to Carlins' with her. Ollie was over. Had chicken for dinner.

Joyce Clyde Hall (August 29, 1891 – October 29, 1982)
Founder of Hallmark Cards

In 1910, Hall moved from Nebraska to Kansas City, Missouri, with little more than two
shoe boxes of postcards. By 1913, he and his brothers were operating a store (which
would eventually evolve into Kansas City's Hall's department store) selling not only
postcards but also greeting cards. The store burned in 1915, and a year later, Hall bought
an engraving business and began printing his own cards, which he marketed under the
 Hallmark brand name. Hallmark's corporate headquarters remain in Kansas City.

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