Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday, November 7, 1933

Mother ironed today. I stayed all night at Mrs. Raifert's as Mrs. Holbrook is gone.

Mary Lee Taylor radio program - November 7, 1933
Sponsored by the Dairy Goodness People

This series, "the longest-running cooking program on radio," began November 7, 1933
on CBS and concluded October 9, 1954 on NBC. The CBS episodes were initially fifteen
minutes long and devoted to cooking tips and recipes.

Before the show switched to NBC in 1948, it had expanded to thirty minutes,
and there it became part of the "NBC Saturday morning parade of stars".

The new version, introduced informally by the announcer as "Mary Lee on NBC," was an unusual but effective generic hybrid. Each episode begins with "The Story of the Week", a light domestic drama about fifteen minutes in length featuring young married couple Jim and Sally Carter. These segments have much in common with the many radio sitcoms of the day. In one show, we find Jim seized by jealousy because an old friend of his is flirting outrageously with Sally right before his eyes. The very next week Sally has to deal with the fact that one of the neighbors, a "cute redhead", is helping Jim out in his business a little too often and far too enthusiastically to suit her.

After the story in each episode comes "The Recipe of the Week". Economy is emphasized here, but we are also reminded of the time when no dinner was considered complete without bread and dessert. The Father's Day meal presented June 18, 1949 for example consists of braised round steak, fried potatoes and green beans, vegetable slaw, rolls and butter, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, and coffee with milk and sugar. Using the sponsor's inexpensive Pet Milk product in preparing most of the dishes helped hold the cost to $2.06 for a meal serving four people

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