Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wednesday, November 8, 1933

I went swimming today. Then I went to the library for English instead of going to Study Hall. I stayed at Mrs. Raifert's.

King Nadir Shah of Afghanistan

King Nadir Shah is assassinated on November 8, 1933, at a school prize-giving in the
courtyard of the palace. The assassin proves to be a servant of Yusufzai Sadar Ali Gholam
Nabi Khan, who was executed for conspiracy and treason exactly a year previously, and
his motive was to revenge his master. He is executed along with a number of his associates
 on December 22. Nadir Shah reigned for just over four years, during which time he laboured
 chiefly to instil into his subjects a desire for national unity and for peaceful progress in the
 arts of civilization. His son, Zahir Shah, a youth of 19, is immediately proclaimed king, and
receives the allegiance of the primie minister, the minister for foreign affairs, the minister of
war, and of the rest of the ministry, the Ulemas, as well as the tribal leaders.

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