Friday, January 27, 2012

Saturday, January 27, 1934

Mother and I got up early and went over to Aunt Katie’s and stayed all day. Went skating and to Helen’s school play.

Child Labor Laffs - January 27, 1934
Flapper Fanny by Gladys Parker

Gladys Parker was an American female comic artist of the 1920s and 1930s. She drew 'Gay and her Gang', a witty comic strip about the so-called "flappers": stylish, wise-cracking young women of the roaring twenties. She took over the one-panel cartoon 'Flapper Fanny' from Ethel Hays in 1932, and gave it a more cartoony style. At the same time, Ms. Parker drew a comic strip series for Lux soap.
During the second World War, Gladys Parker came up with 'Mopsy', a girl who made her own contribution to the war effort by appearing as a nurse, soldier or engineer. 'Mopsy' ran from 1939 until 1965. Gladys Parker also took over the war-strip 'Flyin' Jenny' from Russell Keaton in 1942, until 1944, when his assistant Marc Swayze took over.

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