Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday, January 18, 1934

Walked to school with Pauline. Walked home with Ruth Ray. Took Latin and English test. Ollie was over. R and N and I saw “Seth Parker.”

Way Back Home is based on characters created for the NBC radio show Seth Parker
Directed by William Seiter; written by Jane Murfin
Starring Phillips Lord, Frank Albertson and Bette Davis
Run time: 81 minutes

Plot Summary:

A decade earlier, Jonesport, Maine preacher Seth Parker and his wife offered shelter to
runaway Robbie Turner, who as an infant was abandoned by his sadistic, alcoholic father
 Rufe. Mary Lucy Duffy, who has been banished from her home by her father for fraternizing
with farm hand David Clark, is living with the Parkers as well, and her romance with David
attracts the attention of the local gosspis. Years earlier, David's mother Rose had run off with a
stranger, and when she and her illegitimate infant son returned to Jonesport, they were
shunned by the townspeople.

Mary Lucy and David plan to elope to Bangor, but Seth encourages them to stay by offering
 to pay for a proper wedding. Rufe breaks into the Parker home to kidnap Robbie and attacks Mary
Lucy when she tries to protect the boy. Seth pursues Rufe and Robbie and manages to intercept
 them before they board a train. Because Seth is not Robbie's legal guardian, the boy is placed
in an orphanage, where he awaits a decision about his future. Meanwhile, Seth lectures the
townspeople on the subject of tolerance and implores them to accept Rose and her newlywed
son and his bride. Robbie returns to Jonesport, having been legally entrusted to the care of the Parkers.

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