Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thursday, January 25, 1934

Sure cold this morning. Pauline and I walked to school. I went up to Nadine’s in evening. Made candy. Wrote story for Ruth R.

927 North Second Avenue
Tucson, Arizona
Rental house where John Dillinger was arrested on January 25, 1934

On January 15, 1934 while robbing a bank in Indiana, Dillinger was confronted by
Officer William O’Malley, who shot him several times. Dillinger, who was wearing a bullet
proof vest, was unharmed but in turn he allegedly shot and killed Officer O’Malley.

Dillinger and his gang (Russell Clark, “Fat Charles” Makley, and “Handsome Harry” Pierpont)
eventually made their way to Tucson, Arizona in January 1934. Dillinger rented a house
located at 927 North Second Avenue. Gang members Clark and Makley checked into the Hotel
Congress under aliases. On the night of January 22, 1934 a fire started in the basement of the
 hotel and spread up to the third floor. The desk clerk notified them of the fire and the two
escaped by aerial ladders. As the story goes, Clark and Makley asked two firemen
 to retrieve their luggage.
The luggage revealed their true identities and the fireman notified the Tucson Police
 Department. Dillinger and his gang were arrested at his house on January 25, 1934.

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