Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thursday, January 11, 1934

Pauline and I walked to school. I had a Latin test. Saw Saw Meg Wynshink at the library. Helen’s was over this p.m.

Green Dot Jazz Club, and less formal and very popular establishment on Jackson
Street in Seattle Washington. This ad is from the Northwest Enterprise newspaper.

One of the nightclubs that flourished during the New Deal period and was characteristic
of the gritty Jackson Street jazz scene was the Green Dot. President Roosevelt’s cash infusions
 put money in everyone’s pockets and the Green Dot was just the place for Jackson Street’s and
 Seattle’s lower-income residents to enjoy jazz music. A barber shop by day and a jazz parlor by night,
the Green Dot took advantage of advertising space in the Northwest Enterprise to get the word out
 during the New Deal boom in jazz’s popularity.

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