Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, July 13, 1934

Rained. We went over to the ice cream social at Marie's. It hailed. I went home with Gladys.

William Clark (August 1, 1770 – September 1, 1838)

An American explorer, soldier, Indian agent, and territorial governor,
Clark was a native of Virginia. He grew up in prestatehood Kentucky before later settling in what became the state of Missouri. He was also a planter and slaveholder.

Aong with Meriwether Lewis, Clark led the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803 to 1806 across the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean, and claimed the Pacific Northwest for the United States. Before the expedition, he served in a militia and the United States Army. Afterward, he served in a militia and as governor of the Missouri Territory. From 1822 until his death in 1838, he served as Superintendent of Indian Affairs.

Clark is buried in St. Louis, in the Bellefontaine Cemetery, where a 35-foot (11 m) gray granite obelisk was erected to mark his grave. The cemetery has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

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