Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 1934

Didn't go to church or Sunday school. Gladys, Nellie, Wayne and Clarence were here for dinner. Went down to Mart's in evening.

The Chesterfield Nightclub
314 E Ninth Street, Kansas City, MO

KC in the 30's: Rowdy Music Memories of America's Wildest City
Capitol Records release produced by Dave E. Dexter, Jr.

The Chesterfield Club featured a "businessman's lunch" served by waitresses who wore nothing but shoes and see-through cellophane aprons. Some of the girls had an affinity for poker and incorporated club, heart, diamond and spade designs into their "uniforms." The club was cited in 1933 for "allowing an indecent act to be exhibited," and it was shut down by a court order in April 1939 for encouraging "lewd and lascivious shows by female entertainers. Two months later, a fire destroyed the place.

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