Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, July 16, 1934

Mother, Daddy, Henry and I went down to Joe's. Ate a fried chicken dinner at Ollie's. Rita Mae came back with us.

Production began on July 16,
St. Louis Kid starring James Cagney (right)
Production begins on July 16, 1934

Cagney plays Eddie Kennedy, the pugnacious truck driver who always finds himself in jail and uses a new method of punching guys--using his head (literally)!

Kenndy (Cagney) gets embroiled in a "milk war" between a trucking company and striking dairymen - a topical subject of the time. The trucking company is determined to maintain its milk shipments even though the dairymen are on strike. When a dairy worker is murdered, Cagney is accused of the crime and must find the real killer to clear himself. He also must rescue his kidnapped girlfriend (Patricia Ellis).

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