Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 1934

Went over to Annie's (Ruth's step-grandmother). Down to Joe's for dinner. We went to Mart's for supper. It rained on the way back.

July 5, 1934: Bloody Thursday
"Bloody Thursday" - San Francisco, CA - July 5, 1934

During the 1934 strike by maritime workers and longshoremen, conflict erupted when the Industrial Association (consisting of employers and business interests) started moving goods from the piers to warehouses -- in an effort to break the strike.

Bloody Thursday refers to July 5, 1934 -- and to the violence that ensued between strikers and their supporters, and the police trying to contain the strike.

As goods began moving, police tried to clear the transportation track of strikers. When the strikers wouldn't budge, police began clubbing them and strikers retaliated by throwing rocks and bricks.

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