Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 1934

I was going to the Weiner Roast at church but as it was cold and snowed more, didn't go. Walked to Dime Store with Ruth Ray, then went to her house.

Rome - capital and largest
Rome Protocols - March 17, 1934

The Rome Protocols were a series of three international agreements signed in Rome
on March 17, 1934 between the governments of Austria, Hungary and Italy. They were
signed by Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, Austrian Prime Minister Engelbert
Dollfuss and Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Gombos. All three protocols went into effect
on July 12, 1934, and were registered in League of Nations Treaty Series on December 12, 1934.

The protocols, even though only dealing with economic development, were part of the
process of cooperation between the three signatory governments against the revisionist
policies of Hitler, who had just come to power in Germany, as well as against the territorial
 integrity of Yugoslavia, which they wished to dismember among themselves. Cooperation
under these protocols was short-lived, as Mussolini joined hands with Hitler against Austria,
and the Hungarian government under Miklos Horthy also joined the Third Reich in 1938.

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