Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 1934

Tonight Daddy took Mother, Ruth Ray, Nadine, Pauline and I to the Food Show. Had a swell time. Got a lot of samples.

Cover (Complete Recorded Works (1930-1934):Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom)
Kansas City Kitty and Georgia Tom
Recording Date: May 13, 1930 - Nov 1, 1934
Genre: Blues
Style: Country/Pre-War/Regional/St. Louis Blues

Kansas City Kitty was a name used by a woman or women who made records with Georgia
 Tom Dorsey during the early '30s. About 60 years later, Document released a collection of
16 Vocalions recorded in March 1931 and four sides cut for Bluebird in November 1934, on
which someone operated a kazoo so skillfully that it sounded at times like a cornet.

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