Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 1934

Daddy took me to school. In the evening Gweyn and I went up to Irving to see the Open House program the kids gave.

Horton Smith 1925
Horton Smith - AKA "The Missouri Rover"
Won the first Masters golf championship with a score of 4-under 282

March 22, 1934: The first Masters golf championship began in Augusta, Georgia.
Georgia’s most famous golf championship was won three days later by Horton Smith.
He edged Craig Wood by one stroke, finishing at 4-under 282.

The Masters was so new in 1934 that it wasn't even called The Masters. Co-founder
Clifford Roberts wanted from the start to use that name for the event, but co-founder
Bobby Jones thought the name too presumptuous. So in 1934 the tournament was
born as the "Augusta National Invitation Tournament." In 1939 it was officially
named The Masters.

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