Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday, May 28, 1933

Aunt Kate and them came by and took us out to Winnwood Beach, where we ate dinner. Went to baseball game. I went to show.

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Winnwood Beach
Courtesy: Kansas City Public Library

Crowds numbering to 10,000 on Sundays visited old Winnwood
Beach in rural Clay County, Missouri. Swimming, boating, dancing,
picnic grounds, cottages, roller coaster, rides and sideshows were available.

The park, with spring-fed lake, was built and developed by Frank Winn,
member of a prominent pioneer Clay County family with large land holdings
and a pre-Civil War mansion. The boardwalk was copied from Atlantic City.

In addition to motor cars, the Kansas City Clay County and St. Joe Interurban
railway carried visitors to the park. Four-lane I-35 now follows the old tracks through the park.


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