Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday, May 16, 1933

I went to the school picnic at Fairyland Park with Avonelle Ridenour. I went on the sky rocket, the tumble bug, jumble twice, caterpillar, fun house, and the teeter dip.

Fairyland Park
Fairyland Park - 1930s
Postcard courtesy of the Missouri Valley Special Collections at
the Kansas City, Missouri Public Library. The Ferris wheel, the whip
and many other rides and concessions of old Fairland Park are pictured
in color on this old postcard from the '30s published by Max Bernstein.

The amusement park was located at 75th and Prospect, at the south end
of the street car line, and is remembered as the place for many a school picnic.
Fairyland always had an pre-season opening for students, when there was no
10 cent gate charge and all rides that day were half price. A huge grassy picnic area
was one of the park's best features and helped make the event a success.

The park opened in 1923 on 80 acres of farm land. It was damaged by fire in
1938, and lightning struck the towering sky rocket ride in 1942. After years of financial
problems, Fairyland Park closed in 1978. No trace of the park remains today.

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