Monday, May 30, 2011

Tuesday, May 30, 1933

If, in Gym, we wanted to we could play baseball. Otherwise we could sit in the shade. Which most of us did.

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Harvey John Bailey (August 23, 1887 - March 1, 1979)
"Dean of the Midwestern Bank Robbers"

Bailey was incarcerated in the Kansas State Penitentiary (Cell Block A) in Lansing on July 8, 1932,
 until he escaped with ten other convicts on May 30, 1933. During the breakout Warden Kirk
Prather was kidnapped and used as a human shield (he was later released unharmed). Bailey was
 shot in the right knee after going over the wall. He eventually made his way to Oklahoma, where
he joined with George "Machine Gun" Kelly and three other conspirators in kidnapping banker
 Charles F. Urschel. He was recaptured and sentenced to life in prison. Released in 1964, he died in
Joplin, Missouri.

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