Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday, May 31, 1933

We got our flag. It is made of silk and has a large pole. Also got our picture. The name of it is Castle of the Maidens by Edwin Abbey.

Clyde Barrow wanted poster
Sheriff J. W. Freeland, Hill County, Texas issued a Wanted poster for Frank Albert Clause
and Clyde "Champion" Barrow on May 31, 1933. (The date is written on the face of the poster.)
Both members of the "Root Square Gang," the two were wanted for robbery of several
 businesses in and around Dallas, Hillsboro, and Lufkin, Texas. It was during one of those robberies
on April 30, 1932, that Hillsboro shopkeeper J.N. Bucher was murdered. Less than a week after the
murder, Barrow and Clause held up a couple of filling stations in Lufkin. This was, in essence, the
beginning of the infamous Barrow Gang, which included Clyde's partner, Bonnie Parker, and launched
a nationwide campaign of crime that lasted until their deaths in 1934.

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