Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday, September 8, 1933

Some kids I know found my mirror. I done my night work. I washed the dishes and then I read my mystery book.

Lord Edgware Dies / Thirteen at Dinner by Agatha Christie
Lord Edgware Dies by Agatha Christie is released in the U.K.

Jane Wilkinson was once America's darling of the stage. Today she is better known
as the unfaithful wife of eccentric Lord Edgware. Unfortunately, her confidential
 admission to Hercule Poirot that she'd do anything to escape her miserable marriage couldn't
 have come at a worse time: the very day before her husband is found stabbed to death. Lucky
 for Lady Jane she has an alibi as impeccable as her taste in lovers. But is she truly innocent
--or is she giving the performance of a lifetime? The outcome of Act III is up to her newest
 fan, the brilliant Belgian sleuth, sitting front row center...

The U.S. title is Thirteen at Dinner.

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