Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday, September 5, 1933

School started today and Pauline came by for me. I am a sophomore now (at Central High School). Daddy got my books. Had chicken for supper.

William Horatio Powell (July 29, 1892 – March 5, 1984)
American actor
Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Died: Palm Springs, California

1912 graduate of Central High School, Kansas City, Missouri

An only child, Powell showed an early aptitude for performing. In 1907, he moved
 with his family to Kansas City, Missouri, where he graduated from Central High School
 in 1912. His motion picture career began in 1922 in silent pictures. Powell's voice served
him well when the "talkies" arrived in the late 1920s and he went on to make 95 pictures.
 Among them were "The Thin Man" series with Myrna Loy, “Life With Father” in 1947,
“How to Marry a Millionaire” in 1953 and “Mr. Roberts,” his last film, in 1955. After
 that he retired to Palm Springs, California.

In Kansas City, the Powells lived a few blocks away from the Carpenters, whose daughter
Harlean evolved into Jean Harlow, although Powell would not meet her until both were
 established stars. Powell fell in love with Harlow but, after two divorces (from Eileen
Wilson and Carole Lombard), he wasn't ready to marry again. Harlow's sudden death
in 1937 plunged Powell into remorse. Powell's third marriage to Diana Palmer lasted
44 years, until his own death at the age of 91.

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