Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thursday, September 28, 1933

Walked to school with Pauline and Ruth K and Nadine. Wore my oxfords. I got a blister on my heel. Walked home with Ruth R.

1932 Plaza Art Fair
Kansas City's Plaza Art Fair - 1932

During the Depression when many other companies failed, the Country Club Plaza
 looked for new ways to attract customers.  The Plaza Art Fair was started in 1932
 as a promotion to draw shoppers to the area and to lift their spirits.   Held on an empty
 lot on the southwest corner of Nichols Road and Central, where Tiffany & Co. is now
 (see the photo above), 90 artists displayed their paintings by leaning them against trees
 and benches. Paintings were priced from $1 to ten dollars. Artists enjoyed interacting with
each other and having conversations with those in the crowd about their work. All agreed
 it was a successful first-time event and should continue. And continue it has. This year
(2011), more than 250,000 people attended Kansas City's Plaza Art Fair.

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