Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunday, September 3, 1933

Went home today. Left at eight o'clock. Got home at six. Stopped three hours on the way. Had a blowout on front tire.

Noah Nicholas Beery (January 17, 1882 – April 1, 1946)
American actor
Born in Kansas City, Missouri
Died in Beverly Hills, California

Noah Berry appeared in nearly 200 films, acting through the silent
picture era before transitioning to "talkies." His popularity reached its
peak in the 1930s; he played the flamboyant supporting role as Mae
West's bar-owning lover until she leaves him for Cary Grant in the 1933
hit, She Done Him Wrong. In 1945 he went to New York City to star in the
Mike Todd Broadway production Up in Central Park.

Beery's brothers, William and Wallace, were also Hollywood actors. His
son, Noah Beery, Jr., became an extremely successful character actor, with
his most famous role being that of "Rocky", the father of James Garner's
character in the television series The Rockford Files.

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