Friday, September 23, 2011

Saturday, September 23, 1933

I got an abscess on my tooth. Mother didn't feel very good. Aunt Kate and Helen were up and we rode out to 48th.

The other four were Charley
Anthony "Tony" Gizzo
American mobster
Another of the Five Iron Men of Kansas City

Born in 1902, Gizzo's first known serious arrest was in 1921 when he was
picked up on narcotics possession. It was reported that he tried to bribe
the narcotics agent with $10,000 to toss the arrest. It didn't work, and he
was sentenced to two years in 1924.

He was arrested yet again in 1930 in Denver for weapons possession.
Gizzo was close to James Balestrere and Charles "Big Charlie" Binaggio.
He was heavily involved in Balestrere's gambling interests and, in time,
Gizzo was basically in charge of all the rackets in Kansas City.

Gizzo fit the profile of a big-time mafia boss, wearing expensive suits, shiny
leather shoes, and carrying wads of $100 bills. In 1953, he and his wife
traveled to Dallas to visit their son, who was serving time for narcotics
trafficking. Anthony Gizzo died of a massive heart attack in the hotel. He
was 52 years old.

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