Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday, July 7, 1933

Pauline and Gweyn and Joyce and Edda May and I all went swimming. We swung in the swing up there, too. Concert was there.

Hold Your Man
Starring Clark Gable and Jean Harlow
Release Date (US wide): July 7, 1933
Screenplay by Anita Loos and Howard Emmett Rogers
Drama and Romance

In short, Ruby falls in love with small-time con man Eddie. During a botched blackmail scheme,
Eddie accidentally kills the man they were setting up. Eddie takes off and Ruby is sent to a
reformatory for two years. Then Eddie is caught and sent to prison, but not before he and
Ruby are secretly married.  When Eddie is released from prison, he and Ruby are reunited.

This was the third of six films that Gable and Harlow made together.

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