Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wednesday, July 5, 1933

I went swimming today with Mrs. Mitchell and Edda Mae. In the evening Gweyn and Pauline and I went swimming.

Sally Rand
Sally Rand (1904–1979) was born Helen Harriet Beck in Hickory County, Missouri.
During the 1920s, she acted on stage and appeared in silent films. Cecil B. DeMille gave
her the name Sally Rand, inspired by a Rand McNally atlas. After the introduction of sound
she became a dancer, known for her ostrich feather fan dance and balloon bubble dance. She
also performed under the name Billie Beck.

In 1936, she purchased The Music Box burlesque hall in San Francisco, which would later
become the Great American Music Hall. She starred in "Sally Rand's Nude Ranch" at the Golden
Gate International Exposition in San Francisco in 1939 and 1940. She continued to appear on stage
doing her fan dance into the 1970s. Sally Rand died in Glendora, California from undisclosed causes.

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