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Tuesday, July 25, 1933

Aunt Kate, Uncle Laten and Helen were by this morning. I got me a book to read and an ice cream cone today. I cooked the dinner and supper.

George "Machine Gun" Kelly and Kathryn Kelly's hideout
1408 Rayner Street in Memphis, TN 2010

Continued from July 24, 1933

Having been blindfolded throughout his ordeal, Charles F. Urschel made sure to
foil his kidnappers by noting all possible evidence of his experience such as
background sounds, counting footsteps and leaving fingerprints on every surface
in reach. This proved invaluable for the FBI in their investigation, as they soon
learned that Urschel had been held in Paradise, Texas. The house there was
raided and several of the Kellys' accomplices were arrested.

After bouncing around different states, dyeing their hair, and enjoying a lavish
lifestyle on the ransom money, the Kellys finally headed to George's hometown.
An investigation conducted at Memphis disclosed that after 56 days on the run,
the Kellys were staying at the residence of J.C. Tichenor. Special Agents from
Birmingham, Alabama, were immediately dispatched to Memphis, where, in the
early morning hours of September 26, 1933, a raid was conducted. George and
Katherine Kelly were taken into custody by FBI Agents and the Memphis Police.

Caught without a weapon, George Kelly supposedly cried, "Don’t shoot,
G-Men! Don’t shoot, G-Men!" as he surrendered to FBI Agents. The term
 (which had applied to all federal investigators, meaning simply 'Government Men')
became synonymous with FBI Agents. Reports of the raid, however, indicate
 that George Kelly came to the door, dropped his pistol and said, "I’ve been
waiting for you all night." Recent research revealed a 1933 newspaper interview
 with one of the federal agents at the arrest. He commented that, upon their arrest,
Katherine Kelly put her arms around George and said, "These G-men will
never leave us alone." The FBI press machine generated the G-Man
story to build its own reputation

To be continued . . .

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