Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday, July 8, 1933

It rained for a while today. We all went swimming again (except Joyce). Daddy got a big roaster for dinner tomorrow.

Amelia Earhart.jpg
Amelia Mary Earhart (July 24, 1897 – missing July 2, 1937)
Born in Atchison, Kansas

Following are just a few of her Aviation Achievements

October 22, 1922 - Set women's altitude record of 14,000 feet

June 17-18, 1928 - First woman to fly across the Atlantic; 20hrs 40min (Fokker F7, Friendship)

Fall 1929 - Elected as an official for National Aeronautic Association and encouraged the
Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) to establish separate world altitude, speed
and endurance records for women

April 8, 1931 - Set women's autogiro record with 18,415 feet (in a Pitcairn autogiro)

May 20-21, 1932 - First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic 14hrs 56min
(It was also the 5th anniversary of Lindberg's Atlantic flight)

August 24-25, 1932 - First woman to fly solo nonstop coast to coast
Set women's nonstop transcontinental speed record, flying 2,447.8 miles in 19hrs 5min

July 7-8, 1933 - Broke her previous transcontinental speed record by making the
same flight in 17hrs 7min

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