Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturday, July 15, 1933

Pauline and her mother and Sugar and Johnnie and I went down to the Grove but they closed the pool. Pauline gave me a magazine to read.

Street and Smith's Love Story Magazine - July 15, 1933 issue.
Love Story Magazine - July 15, 1933

Dramatic dames and daring rogues... Such characters filled the pages of Street & Smith's
 Love Story Magazine. This popular pulp magazine for women told tales of loves lost and
found, terrifying treacheries, broken hearts, tearful reunions, Prince Charmings and ladies
spurned. It also gave fashion advice, social tips, and detailed horoscopes-- all with lush

In business from 1864 to 1971, Street & Smith was the premier publisher of pulp fiction and
general interest publications. Among its pulp fiction periodicals, Street & Smith published
 adventure and sea stories (Air Trails, Do and Dare Weekly, Red Raven Library, Sea Stories
 Magazine, Tiptop Weekly); detective and mystery stories (Clues, Doc Savage, Mystery Story
Magazine, Nick Carter Weekly, Old Broadbrim Weekly, The Shadow); romances (Love Story
 Magazine, Romance Range); science fiction (Astounding Stories, Unknown); sports stories
(All-Sports Library, Athlete); westerns (Buffalo Bill Stories, True Western Stories, Pete Rice
Magazine, Western Story Magazine, Wild West Weekly); and young adult fiction (The Boys
of the World, Bowery Boy Weekly, Live Girl Stories, My Queen).

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