Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wednesday, July 19, 1933

Pauline and I went swimming in the afternoon. In the evening we went down to the Water Carnival and went swimming again.

Miss America 1933 Whistle Stop Tour

The Whistle Stop Tour -- the seven MidWest contestants -- from left: Iowa, Missouri,
Kentucky, Kansas, Arkansas, Idaho and Illinois - photo taken July 19, 1933 in Chicago
- four were subsequently disqualified in Atlantic City: Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois and Iowa

For seven weeks prior to the September Atlantic City Pageant, the seven MidWest
contestants went on a "Whistle Stop Tour," billed as "The Pageant Beauties." Traveling
 by train to small towns and large cities throughout the MidWest, they were exhibited and
they performed at various small theatres on their way to Atlantic City, probably for
 publicity, but also to raise money for their expenses.

Miss Connecticut, Marian Bergeron, was ultimately crowned Miss America 1933.

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