Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friday, October 6, 1933

Daddy took me and Pauline and Harold and Beatrice and Lucille and Virginia to school. I made M on the History test.

Still from 'Morning Noon and Night' featuring Betty Boop unwillingly dancing with some cats
"Morning, Noon and Night"
Stars: Betty Boop
Release Date: October 6, 1933
Director: Dave Fleisher
Copyright (c) Paramount

Rubinoff and his orchestra play the score for this cartoon about a bunch of cats
(‘the tom kat social club’) that threatens Betty Boop’s farm full of birds. This orchestra,
 led by the Russian violinist David Rubinoff, played sweet pseudo-classical music,
and this sets the tone for the this short.

‘Morning Noon and Night’ is a very sweet cartoon and somewhat reminiscent of
Walt Disney's "Birds in Spring" from earlier that year. Athough it doesn’t come
 near that cartoon in quality, it shows that Fleischer was getting more ambitious.
This ambition would lead to the launch of the "Color Classics" in 1934.

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