Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thursday, October 5, 1933

Ruth Ray came by this morning but she didn't come till too late. I walked home with her tonight.

Vernon "Verne" C. Miller (August 25, 1896-November 29, 1933)

A freelance Prohibition gunman, bootlegger, bank robber and former sheriff in
South Dakota, Miller was the only identified member of the Kansas City Massacre.
Miller left Kansas City immediately after the massacre and fled to New York while
his girlfriend, Vivian Gibson, hid in Chicago. On October 5, 1933, FBI agents located her
apartment just days before Miller appeared at the door. He managed to escape
through a flurry of bullets. With lawmen and members of the criminal underworld
after him, his days were numbered. On November 29, 1933, a motorist traveling
outside of Detroit discovered a mutilated, naked body alongside the road. Fingerprints
taken confirmed that Miller's days were over. His date of death was listed as the
day he was found.

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