Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday, October 22, 1933

Didn't go to Sunday School or church. Mrs. Raifert ate a little dinner with us today. Ollie was over this evening.

Pittsburgh Pirates Football Helmet Logo 1933 - 1939
Owner: Art Rooney
Head Coach: Forrest Douds
Home Field: Forbes Field

The 1933 Pittsburgh Pirates was the debut season of the team that would eventually become
the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team was founded after Pennsylvania relaxed its blue laws that,
prior to 1933, prohibited sporting events from taking place on Sundays, when most NFL games
 took place. The new squad was composed largely of local semi-pro players, many of whom played
 for sports promoter Art Rooney. Rooney became the Pirates owner, paying the NFL a $2,500
 fee to join the league. Except for a brief period in the early '40s, Rooney remained the owner
until his death in 1988. The Rooney family has retained control ever since.

The Pirates finished 3–6–2 for the 1933 season.

Prior to the 1940 season, the team renamed itself the Steelers. They had taken their original name
from the baseball team of the same name, as was common practice for NFL teams to do at the time.

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