Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday, October 24, 1933

Mother dyed my jacket. Sugar came down and she and Pauline and I went to show. Saw 70,000 Witnesses.
70000 Witnesses (1932)
70,000 Witnesses

Starring: Phillips Holmes, Dorothy Jordan, Charles Ruggles, Johnny Mack
Brown, J. Farrell MacDonald

Directed by Ralph Murphy

Print: black/white
Runtime: 69 min.
Genre: mystery

This "gimmick" murder mystery begins during a crucial college football
game. Wally Clark (Johnny Mack Brown), the team's star player, is killed
just before making the winning touchdown, as the titular 70,000 witnesses
look on. Wally's teammate Buck Buchanan (Phillips Holmes), the younger
brother of gambler Slip Buchanan (Lew Cody), had previously refused to
drug Wally at Slip's bequest. Even so, when Wally drops dead, the leading
suspect is poor Buck. It's up to bibulous reporter Johnny Moran (Charles
Ruggles) and Wally's sister Dorothy Clark (Dorothy Jordan) to save Buck
before local detective Dan McKenna (David Landau) railroads the boy into
the electric chair.

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