Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday, October 31, 1933

Today was Hallowe'en. This evening Beatrice and Virginia and their brother and Bernice and I went Hallowe'ening.

Leningrad, Russia - October 31, 1933

In response to advances in German rocketry, the Soviet Government merges GIRD (Jet Propulsion
Research Group) with GDL (Gas Dynamics Laboratory) in Leningrad. The merger creates the RNII
(Jet Propulsion Research Institute), headed up by the military engineer Ivan Kleimenov. This group
 contains a number of people who are are enthusiastic proponents of space travel, including Valentine
 Glushko. Sergey Korolyov becomes the Deputy Chief of the institute, where he will lead the development
 of cruise missiles and of a manned rocket-powered glider. 

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