Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday, October 1, 1933

Mother and I went to church. I went out and played with Betty, Joyce and Baby Doll. Ollie was over.

October 1, 1933
"Baby Face"
October 1, 1933
Starring Barbara Stanwyck as Lily Powers
Genre: Drama
Run time: 71 minutes

"Baby Face" is a good example of the kind of spitfire lead female characters
that appeared in the cinema of pre-code Hollywood. Lily Powers (Barbara Stanwyck)
works as a barmaid in her father's factory-town saloon where she learns to deal with
the unwanted advances of male customers. When her father dies, she moves to New York
 City with her maid, Chico (Theresa Harris), to become a ruthless gold digger. First she meets
 office boy Jimmy McCoy (a young John Wayne in an uncharacteristically clean-cut role) who
 helps her get a job at the Gotham Trust Company. From there, she seduces and discards various 
men (George Brent, Donald Cook, Henry Kolker) as she sleeps her way to the top of the
company. Jealously between the men causes a murder scene, so Lily takes her furs and jewels
 and moves to Paris with Chico.

Note: The production code censors tacked on an ending that featured Lily
giving away her money and returning to her home town with Brent.

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