Friday, October 7, 2011

Saturday, October 7, 1933

I straightened up the house this morning. Went to the store. I read my library books. Helen's and them were by.

1933 World Series Photos
The NY Giants defeat the WA Senators
on October 7, 1933, to win the 1933 World Series.

The 1933 World Series featured the National League baseball champions, the New York Giants,
and the American League champions, the Washington Senators, with the Giants winning in five
games for their first championship since 1922, and their fourth overall.

Washington, D.C. has not hosted another World Series since 1933, thus Game 5 was the
final Series game played in the nation's capital as of 2010. This Washington Senators franchise
 became the Minnesota Twins during the 1960–61 offseason, and would not reach the World
Series again until 1965. The second Senators team became the Texas Rangers. The transfer
of the Montreal Expos to become the Washington Nationals opens the door to D.C.
again potentially.

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