Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, 1934

Went to school. Daddy took Pauline, Ruth Ray and I. I walked home with Ruth Ray. In the evening went skating.

Celluloid Kewpie doll

Kewpie dolls and figurines are based on comic strip-like illustrations by Rose O'Neill
 that appeared in Ladies' Home Journal in 1909. The small dolls were extremely popular
  in the early twentieth century. They were first produced in Ohrdruf, a small town in Germany,
then famous for its toy manufacturers. They were made out of bisque and then celluloid.
Another company later created the first hard plastic editions. Their name, often
shortened to "Kewpies", is derived from "cupid", the Roman god of beauty and – as Eros
 is the Greek version of Cupid – erotic love. This particular style of doll was awarded as
a carnival prize and often collected

Their creator, Rose O'Neill (June 25, 1874 – April 6, 1944), is buried in Springfield, Missouri.

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