Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 1934

Went to Sunday school and church with Ruth Ray and Mother. Nadine was down. Got some books. We made some candy. Or rather Nadine did.

Little Bohemia Lodge

On April 22, 1934, the FBI went toe to toe with John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and their gang
 in a shootout that left an FBI agent and a bystander dead.

The gang decided to hide out at the Little Bohemia Lodge in northern Wisconsin. The owner of the
lodge managed to get word to the authorities. FBI agents were dispatched to the scene. As the
agents approached the lodge, the owner’s dogs began to bark. Since the dogs barked incessantly,
their warning was ignored by the gang. A few minutes later, a car approached the agents. Thinking
that the gangsters were inside, they opened fire in an attempt to shoot out the tires. Shooting high,
 which often happens when firing on full auto, they hit all of the occupants of the car, and killed one
 of them. To make matters worse, they had the wrong guys. Dillinger and his crew were still inside the lodge.

Dillinger and the boys heard the shots and knew that the heat was on. They opened fire on the agents
from the lodge. After throwing some hot lead at the G-men, the gang bolted for the door. Dillinger
and two of his guys turned one way and made a clean getaway. Nelson turned the other way, and
wound up at a nearby house in a car with the owner of the lodge and a neighbor.

A car containing two of the FBI agents and a local constable approached Nelson. Nelson pointed
 his gun at them, and ordered them out of the car. When they complied, Nelson shot all three of them.
Agent W. Carter Baum was killed; Agent J. C. Newman and local constable Carl Christensen were
injured. The final tally: two dead (one lawman and one innocent bystander), four injured (two
lawmen and two bystanders), no gangsters in custody.

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