Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 1934

I stayed for volleyball after school. Got wave set for Mother.

Philadelphia Briefs - April 4, 1934

In the 1930s several new tabloid newspapers, most of them weeklies, were launched
in the United States. Most of them were in New York, though new titles appeared
across the Northeast. Many individuals involved in different incarnations of Broadway
Brevities, which had become a weekly tabloid in 1931, edited, published or wrote for
papers such as Broadway Tattler, New York Tattler and Scandal. The Annenbergs,
respectable in later years as the publishers of TV Guide and the Philadelphia Inquirer,
were the focus of police action in the 1930s for publishing Philadelphia Brevities and
similar papers in Washington, Chicago, Baltimore and New York.


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